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Book one of our class packages and save! Our class packages allow you to combo any classes you like, from Circuits, Stretch & Release, Beginner/Advanced/Intermediate/Kids/Express HIIT Pilates, Mums and Bubs, Pre-natal, and Barre.

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Aged Care

Aged Care


Residential Aged Care:

Our physiotherapists can provide individualised, private physiotherapy treatments to help improve pain, mobility and quality of life for your family member, based on their individual needs. We can help to manage conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle injuries, strokes, Parkinson’s disease, and heart disease, as well as general strength, balance and reconditioning for falls prevention. 


Pain Management:

We can provide physiotherapists to implement pain management programs under the ACFI guidelines for complex health care in residential aged care facilities. Our team can help to maximise the level of funding available for your residents, as well as improving their pain, mobility, and quality of life!


Home Visits:

We can come to you in your own home to provide individual physiotherapy, without the trouble of having to organise transport and someone to come with you if it is difficult for you to travel on your own.



We can provide physiotherapy services if you qualify through the Department of Veterans Affairs. We can also prescribe mobility aids, braces and supports, as well as equipment to maintain your independence within your home through DVA.



Hydrotherapy is a form of water based exercise with the aim of enabling people with painful or limiting conditions to exercise in a supported, comfortable environment. Guided by a physiotherapist, hydrotherapy can help to manage conditions such as arthritis and back pain, as well as rehabilitation after surgery or an injury where traditional exercise programs are not suitable.


Exercise Classes:

Group exercise classes in aged care facilities to keep people of all ages and abilities moving to their potential. We offer a range of class types such as falls prevention, pilates, seated exercise, and general strength and balance classes. These are all run by registered physiotherapists who are able to modify exercises to suit varying conditions and limitations.
We also offer a range of pilates classes in our studios, including seniors pilates, which may be suitable depending on the individual. If you are concerned whether this may be suitable for you, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Falls Prevention:

Many falls can be prevented with a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing, which involves strength and balance exercise as a significant component. We can offer both individual and group sessions aimed at improving strength, balance and mobility to prevent falls and injuries in older people.


Seniors Pilates:

Pilates classes aimed at seniors with a focus on maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, balance and function using a range of pilates equipment. This will help to maintain your active lifestyle at any age!