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Best Back Brace Australia - Expert Review

If you’re one of those unfortunate people suffering from chronic back pain, you’re probably considering getting a back support brace. 

But with so many options out there, how do you decide which back brace is the right one for you? For your convenience, we’ve made this guide including the 5 best back braces on the market in 2022. 

Ready to explore your options? Let’s get started. 

How To Choose The Right Back Brace

Before you move on to selecting a back brace, it’s essential to know what you should look out for.

Here are some factors that you should keep in mind while sifting through different back braces, so that you buy the right one for yourself: 

  • Focus: This is inevitably the most important factor that you need to keep in mind when choosing a back belt. Our back is divided into 3 sections: upper, middle, and lower back. You should know whether you want the back brace to focus support on one of these sections, your shoulders, or a combination of these areas. If you’re unsure where you want the support to focus, consult your physician. 
  • Material: Most medical support equipment, including back braces, is made from neoprene. This is because neoprene prevents stretching and moisture buildup, making it an ideal choice. Besides this, the best back braces designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts are usually made from heat-retaining material to induce sweat. Other suitable materials includes nylon and polyester.  
  • Sizing & Fit: Usually back braces come in a universal size that makes them an easy fit for people of all sizes. They have Velcro straps for easy adjustment. Some brands also offer extended sizes to accommodate those who have a wider back as compared to the standard sizes. Some back braces, such as the posture corrector, come in small, medium, and large size. 
  • Comfort: The comfort you feel when wearing a back brace is one of the most crucial factors, as you have to wear it for longer periods of time to keep your backache at bay. If a back brace doesn’t feel comfortable or its edges dig into your skin, then it isn’t the right one for you. To ensure that the brace you buy is comfortable, make sure to check out all the other factors, especially sizing and fit. 
  • Flexibility: Another important factor to consider while choosing a back brace is its flexibility, i.e. whether it’s flexible, semi-rigid, or rigid. This is determined by the type of material the brace is made from, as well as its size and shape. Typically, rigid braces provide the highest support to your spine, and they feature hard panels on the front and back sides. On the other hand, flexible back braces are made from softer materials and allow more free movement than others. Semi-rigid braces offer a mixture of both with their design.  
  • Add-ons: Most back braces are equipped with special features and add-ons that add more value to them, and provide extra support and comfort to your back. These features may include therapeutic magnets, which facilitate blood circulation or moldable materials that allow the user to fit the brace according to their body shape.  Other add-ons include inflatable panels, massaging components, hot and cold packs, and much more. You can choose back braces with extra layers of support to treat your backache properly. 

Key Benefits Of Using A Back Brace

The benefits of back braces rests in the characteristics of the type of braces involved. Below are some of the most common associated benefits of wearing back support braces that you may not be aware of:

  • Posture Correction: One of the results of wearing a back brace is often an increased awareness of ones' posture. A back brace can be a gentle reminder to sit straighter and as a result we are also unintentionally improving our core.
  • Injury Prevention:  Athletes who have succumbed to back injuries in the past can also utilize braces to prevent a recurrence. They can be used throughout the healing process and after. The back brace will keep the affected area of the spine in a steady position.
  • Muscle Load Reduction: Back braces are famous for taking the pressure off affected muscles and guaranteeing smoother spinal movements. Moreover, the same principles apply when it comes to healing and treating injuries.
  • Compression: Back support braces can help generate a level of comfort by tightening the tissues that surround the spinal column, dramatically reducing pain from conditions such as sciatica. Compression back braces help secure correct blood circulation and ensures that injured or weakened muscles gain the necessary support they need to heal.

Best Back Braces Available in Australia

Now that we’ve discussed all the factors that you can consider while choosing a back belt for alleviating your pain, let’s have a look at some of the best back braces that you can purchase. This list is made after carefully examining hundreds of back braces according to the aforementioned factors, and we’ve selected the ones that are most suitable. 


1. Best Back Brace for Lower Back Pain: Oppo Medical Elastic Sacro Lumbar Back Support 
Oppo Sacro Lumbar Back Support Brace
  • Uniform Compressive Brace
  • Breathable Elastic Multiband Material
  • Reinforced Lumbar Region Panels

Our top pick is the back brace by Oppo, which is a highly effective lower back brace for pain. It contains strong reinforced panels in the lumbar area, which provides extra support to your lower back. Apart from this, it also has a highly durable and comfortable elasticated fabric that ensures maximum comfort and makes it suitable for long-term use. 

This back brace features side panel elastic adjustment straps that offer equal compression and support to your back. Apart from this, it also contains four pliable stays for added support. Overall, it’s highly breathable and doesn’t irritate your skin.  

Another wonderful thing about the back brace by Oppo is that it comes in six different sizes, ranging from small to XXX-Large. This makes it highly suitable for men and women of various body types.  

While most other back braces in the same price range are quite rigid and uncomfortable, Oppo’s back brace proves to be highly comfortable and provides you with the right amount of support needed to alleviate the back pain. 


  • Pliable Yet Supportive
  • Strong Elasticated Fabric
  • Compressive & Pain Relieving


  • Limited Sizing Available 
Hyperice Pro Wrap Cold Therapy Brace
  • Complete Back Ice Therapy
  • Tested & Used by Professional Athletes
  • Ergonomic Customised Fit

If you place an ice pack on your lumbar to alleviate the pain, then the Hyperice back brace is specially designed for you. It’s made from a highly durable neoprene material that provides freedom of movement and support. It’s available in one size and can easily stretch to fit around your lower back. 

The Hyperice back brace has a large-sized opening that allows you to pour in ice without any difficulty. Once you put the screw cap back on, its flexible ice cell evenly distributes the ice throughout the brace to ensure maximum coverage and support. 

The ice cell on this back brace also features a parented Air Release Technology that targets the swollen area on your back and provides instant relief. Its flexible construction also allows you to move freely without the ice moving around or poking your body. 

The Hyperice back brace is used and tested by professional athletes, who have benefited a lot from its cryotherapy effects. It’s perfect for people suffering from a sports injury or accident. Plus, it can be worn in direct contact with the skin to maximise its effectiveness. 


  •  Allows for Even Icing
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Allows for Mobility During Use
  • One Year Warranty


  • Has been found to deteriorate over time

The Thermoskin back brace is a winner when it comes to providing lumbar support, and it also alleviates your back pain efficiently. It’s perfect for people who are involved in manual labor or weightlifting, as well as those who play outdoor sports. 

The back brace is made from a soft and durable material that wraps around the body to provide compression. Its special Trioxon lining keeps it comfortable. It contains two internal metal stays that provide extra support, while the adjustable elastic side straps further add to the compression. 

The Thermoskin back brace also utilizes your body heat to provide therapy and pain relief, along with support and compression. Moreover, it increases your body temperature to the level that’s required for heat therapy. 

It can easily be worn for longer periods of time without fearing about muscle tightness or sweating, as it’s breathable and gentle on the skin. Whether you have a muscle spasm or a back injury, you can count on this trusted back brace to help you function.  


  • Outstanding Close Fit
  • Clinically Proven to Increase Heat
  • Combines Compression and Support


  • Sizing can be difficult

Nazari Back Brace
  • Posture Corrector 
  • Discreet Design
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This back brace by Nazari is another strong contender for the best back brace. In fact, it’s the best back brace for posture correction. So, if you think your back or shoulders slouch and cause discomfort in your upper back, then it’s time you buy this. 

The Nazari back brace has a discreet design that makes it easy for you to wear beneath your clothing, undetected. It has an adjustable front construction, which makes it easy to put on and tailor the fitting according to your requirements. 

This back brace provides complete support to your cervical and thoracic regions, thus allowing you to stand straight without dropping your shoulders. It can easily fit people with chest sizes from 28” to 48”, and can be worn by both men and women. It’s also padded in the armpit area to prevent chafing or scratching. 

You can make use of this back brace if you have a desk job with long hours, because you’re bound to have bad posture if you sit for longer periods of time. You can wear it for the entire day without feeling irritated, and it serves as a gentle reminder for you to keep your back and shoulders straight. 


  • Adjustable
  • Aids with Scoliosis
  • Comes with Neck Pillow & Travel Bag


  • Limited Sizes

  • Fully Adjustable to Suit Your Bump
  • Deep Sea Fibre Use for Skin Hydration
  • Ergonomic Design

This back brace provides you with complete support and gentle compression during the most difficult time of your pregnancy, i.e. the second and third trimester. It helps keep your stomach from hanging outwards, which puts excessive strain on your back. The super stretchy and breathable material Mamaway uses in their product conveniently and easily supports the extra weight of your baby bump. 

It’s made from a lightweight and hypoallergenic material that feels soft on your skin and keeps you from getting irritated. The Papolis and Squalene kneaded into the fibres work together to relieve skin sensitivities and itchiness.

You can also continue to wear it during your postpartum phase, as it can greatly help in maintaining your posture and restoring your body to its pre-pregnancy state. By wearing this back belt, you can carry out your daily routine without any back or pelvic pain.  

This back brace is available in two different colours; nude and grey. It also has an adjustable Velcro strap that makes it easy to adjust the fitting.  


  • Pressure Release 
  • Non-Slip Design


  •  More expensive than other models

OPROtec Back support belt
  • Non Slip Design
  • High Grade Neoprene
  • Designed to Support & Protect 

This wonderful back brace is made by Opro and provides you with maximum support and relief from lumbar pain and sciatica. It’s made from high-grade neoprene, which is highly durable and offers a wonderful fit around your body.  

This back brace is perfect for people who have recently suffered a back injury. It provides them with thermal compression in the targeted areas and helps in speedy recovery. It also ensures that you heal completely and that no back problems are developed. 

It also helps you move around freely without putting any strain on your back. It’s available in one size, but fits all body types due to its stretchability. It has a Velcro strap that allows you to wrap it securely around your waist. The soft edges also prevent your skin from getting itchy. 

The Opro back brace is smooth and can be worn under your clothing without being seen from the outside. It greatly helps Sciatica patients keep their back and leg pain at bay. 


  • Relieves Sciatica Pain
  • Stabilises Unwanted Movements
  • Adjustable Compression


  • One Size Fits All
EDODRY Back Ice Wrap
  • Breathable Neoprene Blend
  • One Year Money Back Guarantee
  • Double Pull Compression Straps 

Another excellent back brace that helps you deal with scoliosis is the EDODRY back brace. It uses cryotherapy to immediately treat your back pain and heal injuries. This back brace relieves pressure from your back by providing additional support, thanks to its 3 support stays. 

It features an ice pack at the back, which provides compression to your aching areas and helps you heal faster. This back brace is designed to fit average to plus sized people. It’s made from a thin and lightweight perforated neoprene material, which facilitates air flow and also prevents buildup of sweat and moisture. 

You can easily wear this back brace under your clothing, and it’s suitable for wearing throughout the day. It has a Velcro strap that allows you to adjust the fitting as much as you want, as well as double-pull tension straps that provide additional compression. Its design also keeps the back brace from rolling up and irritating your skin. 


  • Both Hot & Cold Therapy 
  • Designed for Optimal Recovery
  • Lightweight & Breathable


  •  Delivery Costs
Mueller Back Brace
  • Concentrated Lumbar Support Brace
  • Circulation Enhancer
  • Maximum Breathability for All Day Wear

Last but not least, the Mueller back brace has also been designed to keep your back straight and free from pain. It’s made from a comfortable fabric that makes it suitable for wearing all day. It also has a removable lumbar pad that you can add or remove as needed. 

This back brace provides you with lumbar support and adjustable compression, thanks to its double layer design that allows you to tailor the fitting according to your size. It’s available in regular and plus sizes, so you can easily find a great fit. 

Not only does the Mueller back brace ease your pain, it also relieves pressure from your lower back and increases blood circulation. This prevents you from any future strains or spasms. It is also effective for relieving all kinds of back pains caused by injuries, scoliosis, sciatica, or any other problems. 

It’s also easy to wear and adjust around your waist, allowing you to wear it under your clothing without being visible throughout the day. 


  • Comfortable 
  • Adjustable Lower Back Compression


  •  More expensive than other models


We’ve highlighted the back braces that you can choose from, but how do you pick out the best one? Our top pick is the Oppo back brace, which provides you with the best lower back support and ensures that your back stays comfortable.  

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or have simply sprained your back, it’s a strong contender that can help you alleviate all kinds of lower back pain. 

To make it easier for you to choose the best back brace, let’s also add a runner-up to the mix. Our pick for second place is the Mueller Back Brace. It provides you with strong lumbar support with a comfortable fit that makes it suitable for all body types. It also comes with a removable pad for added compression.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of back braces?

Basically, back braces can be divided into three categories:  

1.Back Braces  2.Posture Correctors  3.Waist Trimmers 

The first two are used to relieve back pain, while the third is primarily for losing a few inches off the waist. 

Can I wear a back brace to bed?

Essentially, you shouldn’t wear a back brace to bed, because it can put pressure on your spine and cause further problems. Plus, this also depends on your back condition. 

How long should I wear a back brace?

Back braces are highly effective at treating and alleviating back pain, and also keep your back from getting injured. However, they can’t be worn 24/7 as they push against your back at a certain angle. If you keep wearing your brace for an extended period of time, it can put a lot of pressure or tighten your muscles.  

Can I use a back brace while working out?

There are certain types of back braces that are specifically designed to facilitate your workout, such as weight lifting, running, jogging, etc. Wearing a back brace also provides thermal compression, which will make you sweat while working out. This will result in burning more calories. Also, it prevents any injuries or sprains that you may experience while working out. 

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