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We promise you make fast and real progress towards your goals and if you’re not satisfied, we promise a 100% money back guarantee.

You may think all physiotherapy is the same, but this is not the case. Different physiotherapists use different techniques from massage to electrical stimulation, dry needling to exercise. There is a wide variety of physio treatment options. At BPS Tensegrity we use a specialised type of physiotherapy known as ConnectTherapy. ConnectTherapy is different from general physio in a variety of ways. Your physiotherapist spends a whole hour with you understanding exactly what is driving your problem. Many people are not aware that, although they may have symptoms in one area of their body, the cause of these symptoms can actually be originating from somewhere completely different. In traditional methods of physio, this is not easy to pick up; it used to be that the area which held the symptoms was the area on which treatment was focussed. With the detailed assessment used in ConnectTherapy, your physiotherapist can assess your whole body and make sure they get to the cause of your symptoms, enabling them to effectively and efficiently resolve your concerns.

ConnectTherapy is not only used for reducing and eliminating pain, but it is also an effective form of physio to improve performance. For many of our patients, their concerns are to do with increasing performance outcomes such as a faster time, a longer drive, more range of motion and the list goes on. If you have a movement goal you are looking to achieve, the ConnectTherapy physio assessment will find out what is holding you back and give you the means to excel.

At BPS, we understand that everybody is different and what works for one body will not necessarily work for another. Some situations require movement like pilates and yoga, others require release work and taping, while some need a clear diagnosis and management plan to ensure they get back on their feet. The ConnectTherapy method of assessment allows us to be sure we find the cause of your symptoms and our thorough Biological - Psychological - Social ethos ensures we create a physio plan that will work for you and your body to get you the results you’re looking for.