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Sunday, 06 November 2016 08:56

BPS Tensegrity: we are not like 'normal' Physios

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...  'you're not like normal Physios!' - says every BPS Tensegrity client!

At BPS, we continually strive to be different from just your everyday Physiotherapy practice, it’s one of the reasons why we achieve such amazing results for our clients! 

While in conversation with a client regarding why our practice is so unique, she felt the need to say that we just aren’t “normal” physio’s, and that our method of treatment is significantly different and superior from what she has experienced in her past. This got me thinking, and inspired me to want to explain to YOU why we’re different here at BPS, and why so often our clients want to spread the word!

What we do

Experienced low back pain? Did your previous physio give you a massage on the back followed by a basic exercise before your session ended? Maybe he did a few “cracks” on your spine before telling you to rest for a few days? These forms of treatment may provide initial relief for a few days, but 9 times out of 10 the same ache will return and long-term relief rarely achieved.

So what’s all this talk about ConnecTherapy you may ask? This is a treatment model that flips traditional physiotherapy on its head. It does not simply treat where you are experiencing pain, but investigates the underlying cause of your symptoms. It employs a clear and logical method of assessment, clinical reasoning, and treatment that is used to improve your disability and pain by determining the root cause of your problem. This allows our highly skilled physiotherapists to treat the whole person and provide great results that not only relieves your pain, but also get you on the path to long-term relief through optimal movement.

Why we do it

ConnectTherapy has revolutionized physiotherapy. Think of your own body as one integral unit with many “cogs” and “gears”. If an area of your body is not moving the way it was designed, it can dictate the rest of the body’s movement patterns – what we like to call your “driver”. The end result is a particular structure in your body that is loaded in a way that does allow optimal movement as it should, leading to symptoms and pain. ConnectTherapy targets the driver, and allows that body part to move in the way it was designed to – pain free!

ConnectTherapy – the trump card

What you must consider is the location of your driver may not be where you are experiencing pain – this is what sets BPS apart from traditional or conventional physiotherapy! For example, say you have always liked to run but for the past few months you have had to reduce or stop running because you develop knee pain that becomes so debilitating to the point that you have to stop! This knee pain may be driven by your pelvic alignment. If your pelvis is not allowed to move in the correct biomechanics for running, then the end result means incorrect or extra loading on the structures in your knee. So although you have knee pain, it’s your pelvis that needs attention!!

Another example may be having shoulder pain when you’re playing a backhand in tennis. This may be driven by your rib cage, which is not allowing your thorax to rotate through your backhand stroke, resulting in increased load on your shoulder, as it needs to provide the extra power to hit the ball and follow through.

These drivers all have a specific correction and release techniques that our physiotherapists employ to determine that it is the root cause of your sub-optimal movement patterns.

Rehabilitation – A 3-step treatment

Put simply, there are three core steps to your rehabilitation with ConnectTherapy:

  1. Identifying your driver – which will predominantly be in your first session
  2. Correcting your driver, and commence training new movement patterns and strategies developed by your brain’s neural pathways.
  3. Learning to maintain the new movement patterns independently so they become automatic – like rebooting a computer!

Get in contact with us here at BPS and let our physiotherapists assess you and take your first steps to permanently relieving your symptoms!

BPS Tensegrity: we are not like 'normal' Physios

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