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Monday, 21 November 2016 09:06

ConnectTherapy, a whole body approach for long lasting results

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All the physiotherapists at BPS Tensegrity  are trained in ConnectTherapy. This is an innovative way to look at injuries, not only by treating the symptoms and area causing pain, but also by having a holistic view of the person. The goal is to determine the source of the issue and treat the body as a whole.

How does it work?

The ConnectTherapy follows three simple rehabilitation steps during your therapist will:

  1. Identify the driver, or main source at the origin of pain or discomfort
  2. Develop a treatment and exercise plan to help your brain develop new strategies and acquire new movement patterns
  3. Teach your body to maintain these new patterns so they become your natural way of moving

The added benefits of Pilates

Did you know that combined with Clinical Pilates, especially during the third phase, the treatment results will significantly improve?

The Pilates method is based on a whole body workout. Rather than working out on one specific area at a time, Pilates focuses on improving overall body awareness, flexibility and strength.

Our Pilates programs are based on 6 main principles:

  • Breathing to release and facilitate movement
  • Spinal articulation notably to avoid compensatory patterns
  • Axial elongation and core control to free movements and stabilise the body
  • Organisation of head, neck and shoulders, to relieve the tension these areas are put under
  • Weight bearing and alignment of the extremities to optimise movement
  • Movement integration to bring all principles together in more complex movement patterns

The versatility and variety of Pilates’ exercises will help the client retrain his body, built new and long lasting movement patterns. This will not only prevent injuries from coming back but also improve performances.

Our clients journey does not always start with physiotherapy. Some are referred by one of our Pilates instructors to a Physiotherapist. Experiencing the ConnecTherapy can truly help  releasing area of tensions and get an even better understanding of what could be impairing their quality of movement and general wellbeing.

The best combination ever

Physiotherapy and Pilates work hand in hand, bouncing from each other and assisting patient in their progress. At BPS, Physiotherapists and Pilates instructors collaborate to offer our clients a tailored program to reach their goals, optimise their recovery and provide the best outcome in the long run.

Start your journey with us today and experience the ConnectTherapy difference.

ConnectTherapy, a whole body approach for long lasting results

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