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Thursday, 22 December 2016 09:27

Home exercises: keep up the good work these holidays!

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Been working hard all year to get your body back on track? Love the results you’re seeing and don’t want to loose everything before starting again in the New Year? No problem the BPS Team is here to help and put together a quick home exercises program for you.

Home exercises: benefits of a regular and quick workout

It can be hard, especially during the silly season full of catch-ups, parties and travels, to get time to exercise. You actually don’t need to go to the gym and take a big chunk of time out of your day to maintain the benefits of all your hard work. You just need to keep a reasonable level of spine articulation and core activation to keep your muscles and brain active.

We all dread this feeling... first session back at the studio, everything hurts and you feel like your body has scraped everything it has learned. Follow this home exercises routine to keep your body moving and your muscle memory going. It won’t be so hard when you come back, we promise!

Home exercises videos

Below is a quick 15 minute session you can do at home. We have also included videos to guide you through it. If you manage to do this everyday that 's great. But don’t beat yourself up, every couple of days is fine too. Remember some exercise is always better than none:

Want more: you can go for some assisted or full roll up instead of the chest lift, add a plank at the end of your quadruped, stay in your chest lift during your femur arcs :)

And don’t forget if you’re going away pack your spikey ball and maybe your theraband if you have one, they will be your best friends on the go to help you stretch and release any areas of tension.

Have a wonderful holiday! The BPS Team can't wait to welcome you back in 2017.

Home exercises: keep up the good work these holidays!

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