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Tuesday, 31 July 2018 09:19

I Already Know How to Run – Why do I need Lessons?

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SO you have been running since you were a kid, it’s a natural inbuilt part of your physiology and you don’t see why you need lessons for such an innate skill?

But have you really been running since you were a child? Sure, as a kids, most of us grew up jumping off furniture, running after our brothers and sisters and kicking a ball around the local park. But how do we learn this skill? Evidence shows us that much of our biomechanics is learnt by watching. Watching our parents, older brothers and sisters, friends and play mates. This is great news if your social circle was full of elite athletes, but for those of us whose parents had knee problems, back pain, and a whole host of other chronic injuries, it’s possible that the technique we picked up was far from optimal.

So, in an effort to stop the bad gait cycle, we have pledged to help you learn the basics (sounds simple but it’s not always) of good running technique. Our hope is that you then pass these good visual genes onto your little ones, friends and family members and we go on to breed a generation of efficient, injury free runners who can enjoy running for what it is, a JOY not a struggle!

At BPS Tensegrity, there are many ways in which our amazing staff can help you improve your running technique. Please get in contact today!