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Monday, 19 December 2016 09:24

Mums and Bubs classes, secret weapon for active lifestyle

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At BPS we understand the challenge of being a new mum. That’s why we have many Mums and Bubs classes on offer. It makes it much easier to get back to exercise and enjoy all the benefits of Pilates.

You surely heard many times that Pilates can help rebuilding your pelvic floor strength after childbirth. But it can do much more and make a real difference in the everyday life of a new mum.

Being a mum requires some muscles

Think about the constant workout the life of a mum is, the repetitive, and sometimes strenuous, movements you are putting your body under. Bending over the pram, picking bub from the floor, pushing the stroller around, carrying baby in one arm all over the house and this is only to name a few!

Pilates provides a whole body workout that will strengthen all essential muscles, increase your flexibility but also improve your body awareness.

How can our Mums and Bubs classes specifically help?

Core: to make sure you relieve the pressure from your lower back, you need to ensure that your core kicks in to support your spine and stabilise your pelvis. The great thing about Pilates is that you can start early after giving birth. There is a whole range of exercises that will activate your core gently and build your strength back up safely.

Upper body: baby in one arm, shopping bags in the other, talking about weight lifting! Shoulders are a very sensitive area of our body. It is important to keep them strong without tensing the muscles so much that it will do more harm than good. Pilates works all areas of the shoulder girdle, notably through some weight bearing exercises, to optimise upper body organisation and movement.

Glutes and legs: have you ever counted the number of times you are grabbing something from the floor each day? Without the appropriate technique and the right muscle engagement this is a highway to lower back pain. By working on your hips flexibility, glutes and quads strength you will rock these squats in no time.

Posture: let’s face it the perfect posture while taking care of a little one is nearly impossible. But there are little changes you can make to improve the way you stand or the positioning of your arm and shoulders while pushing your stroller or carrying your baby. This will make a huge difference to the way your body feel. Pilates will improve your body awareness, which is always the first step to getting great results.

Release: whatever precautions you take, muscles will tighten up! It is essential to learn how to stretch and mobilise stiff areas to avoid long lasting pain or even injuries. Foam roller, spiky ball, Franklin ball, therabands and more. There is a whole hip of Pilates’ props to help you achieve the best stretch and release.

Want to give it a go and experience the benefits of Pilates for yourself? Check BPS Tensegrity Mums and Bubs classes here.

Mums and Bubs classes, secret weapon for active lifestyle

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