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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 08:33

Pilates equipment - to treat or torture?

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When you walk into a pilates studio, your mind will be boggled. There are so many things, different pieces of equipment and different apparatuses you might have never seen before! With no knowledge of how the equipment works, we often get people wondering if it is more torture chamber than pamper palace ... but they quickly learn it's not.

In pilates you can use just a mat on the floor and add to your exercise a foam roller, a chi ball or a theraband, to name a few, and still get a killer workout. There are some things, though, you simply cannot do on a mat and that’s where the studio equipment comes in!

There are various pieces of pilates studio equipment: Reformer, Wunda Chair, Trapeze Table, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel just to name a few  All of the mentioned equipment are adjustable and work with a range of springs. Depending on the exercise, your abilities and strength, there are endless ways on making an exercise either easy or difficult. With adjusting the springs to light or heavy and the direction they come from, they can assist you in a movement or give you resistance. They will also give you the chance to add more range into your movements by allowing you to (literally) go off the edge and challenge you and your level of fitness.

The most amazing thing with pilates and the equipment is that no matter what background you have, whether you work out five times a week or once a month, whether you have injuries or restrictions, there is always a way in pilates to adjust to your personal needs! So don’t be shy or think that pilates isn’t for you, treat yourself and you might just be surprised at what your body is truely capable of!