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Sunday, 06 November 2016 10:56

Pilates for Dancers: why the beautiful pairing?

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Why is Pilates for dancers? Dancers generally have a great understanding of their bodies, how they can move what they can do. But - there is always room for improvement, Pilates was originally developed for dancers as a method of full body conditioning, readying them for the rogues of dance! Later Joseph Pilates began using it as a method for rehabilitating dance injury. At BPS all our instructors are Polestar Pilates International trained and our founder Lana Johnson is a Polestar Pilates mentor, as well as dancer, so you know your in amazing hands.

What kinds of Pilates for dancers are available?

Our Ashbury studio has a wide variety of class types, from mat work to reformer, studio circuit classes to mums and bubs, there really is something for every skill level and are of interest. The important thing when choosing a class is to find one that you enjoy. Not every dancer likes the same thing and similarly not everybody needs the same type of movement. For some a fast paced cardio work out is in order, for others our 'mindful movement' class may be more up their alley, or perhaps it's a stretch and release class that does it for you. What ever your choice only you can decide, so try a few different ones and let your body do the talking, hurts us, you will know when you find the right class for you!

As a Dancer, how can Pilates benefit me?

Dance is an unusual art form, whether you think of it as art or sport, one thing is for sure, it's taxing on the body. Moving into positions that, from a biomechanics perspective, are quiet unnatural, means that it is crucial a dancer understands good movement and routinely practices technique to ensure no injuries result. Pilates, due to its nature, is a great training platform for the body. Through the use of the Pilates equipment, a dancer's body can learn much about flexibility, control, breath work and balance. All of which serve a dancer well on stage. You can think of Pilates as the fine tuning of the movements that are performed to perfection on the stage!

Can I claim on my private health fund?

Yes, we have a HiCaps terminal in the studio so all you need to bring with you is your health fund card, and your set to go. Everyone's private health insurance is different so it's best to check with yours (often you can d this online) but for many of our clients they have no gap which makes coming to Pilates a 'no-brainer'. If the private health companies understand the benefits of Pilates in the prevention of illness and disease, surely you should to!

What if I have never done Pilates before?

No problems, we dancer or not our instructors are experts at talking you and your body through movement. Whether you learn better through imagery, tactile cuing or just plain verbal explanations, we are the masters of getting your body to perform the unbelievable, some may even say we were made for it!

Pilates for Dancers: why the beautiful pairing?

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