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Monday, 30 January 2017 09:32

Pilates for golfers - a golf instructor’s perspective

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Why golf requires a specific physical training program

As a golf instructor with 46 years’ experience, I have seen and studied many different types of swing, from the rank beginner to the experienced touring professional. Numerous golfers have come to me at different stages of their development and age for advice.

Golf is a very complex sport that requires to put your body in quite unnatural positions in order to perform.  A golfer is more likely to develop an injury from a poor movement under load, as such a golfing body needs a particular attention.

The many different opinions on the golf swing have only increased the mystery on how to get the perfect technique. One thing remains certain, an appropriate training can only improve your performance. Over many years I have been fortunate to work with a couple of golfing physiotherapist, which certainly made me realise that the golfer’s body requires specific training to prevent serious injuries. Many golfers, especially the youngest ones, seem to just want to play and don't seek the need for body development. However this is exactly the missing link in all their physical growth as sports persons. On the other side of the spectrum, some tour professionals of today have gone too far into weights and fallen back.

The successful trainers and health professionals are golf specific.

This is why a tailored Pilates program will play an important role in your golf related training. Our friends at BPS Tensegrity have developed classes that will target the 3 major areas of your golfing body, which are:

  1. The Hips/Glutes
  2. The Core/Pelvis
  3. The Scapula (shoulder blades)/Upper back

These three parts of the body are the key to your golf swing, fundamental to provide stability/mobility to your hips, pelvis and shoulder girdle. When these three key areas work efficiently you have a better chance of making a repeatable and bio-mechanically correct swing. Each area needs stability and mobility; this is why all sessions will work on both strength, but also flexibility of your hips, pelvis, spine and shoulders.

Who can/should do a Pilates program for golfers?

Any golf lover, from a younger age to an older stage. The program will be organized in levels, starting from a more basic level 1 to then progress in difficulty. During the classes you will learn great exercises that you can practice also at home to develop a better swing and keep you free from injury!

If you want more information, don’t hesitate to call BPS Tensegrity at 85441757, email the studio or contact me at the Woolooware Golf Academy.

Barry Bent, from Woolooware Golf Academy

Pilates for golfers - a golf instructor’s perspective

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