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Book one of our class packages and save! Our class packages allow you to combo any classes you like, from Circuits, Stretch & Release, Beginner/Advanced/Intermediate/Kids/Express HIIT Pilates, Mums and Bubs, Pre-natal, and Barre.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 15:11


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As a new student attending a Pilates class it is common for you to have a few questions in mind, such as ...  “What am I doing in this Pilates studio?”  “Can I do all the exercises taught by the instructor?” “Is my strength good enough for this class?” “I am not flexible can I join this class?” and many others. As a Physiotherapist and a Pilates instructor I am constantly aware that each individual has his or her own strengthens and weaknesses. Some people are very flexible, others very strong, some have good body awareness where as others need to work on their balance. The variety in movement variability is endless as of course we are all different!

One of the many strengths of Pilates is that it offers a wide range of exercises and classes. At BPS we have what we call Circuit class, Cardio Barre, Beginners/Intermediate/Advance Mat Class, Golf Pilates Mums and Bubs, Water Pilates, Senior Pilates, Stretch and Release and many more. These different classes offer different kinds of exercises to focus on the variety of client’s needs. It doesn't matter if you are a first-timer, an expert fitness enthusiast, a mum with a lot of bubs, have a sedentary lifestyle, or just want to add a bit of flexibility to your life, BPS has the class type for you! 

How is Pilates different from your typic gym or fitness class? Pilates teaches you how to work on every inch of a muscle, every range of a joint and every neural pathway you have in your body. The more feedback your receive about the quality of your movement and how your body works in specific directions and under different loads, the better off your movement variability will be. And the more movement variability you have, the less likely you are to injure yourself  At BPS, your Pilates instructor is an incredible source of knowledge when it comes to learning how to perform the Pilates exercises correctly. They are also well versed in the sneaky 'cheat's your body might try during each movement and are constantly;y on the look out for ways in which they can help you improve your technique. At BPS most of our Pilates Instructors are Physiotherapists as well, so if injuries are present your in great hands as there is always more than one way to modify your exercises to ensure they are helping not harming your body.

We should warn you however that Pilates is addictive! Not only because during exercise the releases happy hormones in your body leave you feeling better than when you started but also because Pilates challenges your own body to be just a little bit better every day. This constant improvement is such a rewarding experience, knowing that today you can do something that yesterday might not have been possible. And to those who say, “Pilates is not that hard, it’s just an easy workout!” we say you haven't tried a BPS Pilates class! The truth is great Pilates is not too hard nor too easy it will always depend on how your instructor teaches you, how effective each exercises choice is for each individual person - and the mindset you bring to class!

At BPS we can whole heartedly say that Pilates is for everyone, old, young, big, small, fit or not it will teach you things about your body you never knew and allow you to move in ways you never thought possible! All you need to do is trust in yourself and in your instructor and the possibilities are endless. See you in class!