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Thursday, 09 February 2017 11:40

Why Good Movement Will Change Your Life

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Movement is part of life, some would argue it's the essence of life, after all if your not moving, your dying! So why do so many people put up with less than optimal movement? Is it because they don't want good movement, or is it simply that they don't understand what opportunities good movement can bring them?

Since the early days, or our ancestors have been moving, whether it be across the planes to spear a predator, or high up in the tree's to escape our enemies, movement has always been an essential part of our lives. So when did we start becoming less 'Tarzan' and more 'Mr Bean'? When did sitting become more about the chair and less about cross legged on the floor, when did running become all about treadmills and shoe stability and less about open planes and freedom?

As a Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor I am obviously biased when it comes to movement but for good reasons. I can vouch for the fact that of my clients, the percentage of those who practice good movement are the same percentage who are fulfilled and enjoy their lives and all the opportunities they hold. It never ceases to amaze me how the small percentage of client I see on a weekly basis who don't want to put the time and effort into creating good movement patterns are the same clients who come back injury after injury and for what? I can get them out of trouble in the short term, give them temporary relief, but it is only temporary, until the next poor movement patterns creates the next injury, stress or strain and the cycle begins all over.

Why are some people just not committed to developing beautiful movement, while for others it seems almost a birth right? Does it have to do with up bringing, the sports they played as a kid, the importance their family put on movement and body awareness, the skills they picked up along the way? Or is it like many other things in life, to do with the determination they put into it, after all when it comes to your body, you truely do get out what you put it!

Whatever the reasons, one thing is for sure, for those of us who live in a beautiful movement world, the future looks bright, and although we may never be perfect and always striving for more flexibility, more control, more strength ... we are living with the joy that is our body, and for that, we are always grateful!

Why Good Movement Will Change Your Life

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