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Wednesday, 31 January 2018 14:28

Why is Pilates great for men?

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Pilates is often thought of as a women’s domain but did you know it was originally created by a man for men! Joseph Pilates (yes that's right ... Joseph ... as in a male) developed Pilates to assist in the creation and maintenance of flexibility, core strength, postural control, breath work and physical performance for men! Many professional male athletes have discovered the benefits of Pilates including; Christiano Renaldo, Andy Murray, David Beckham and Tiger Woods.

Here are seven reasons why Pilates is great for men: 

  1. Improved Flexibility. Typically, men naturally tend to be less flexible than woman. Pilates combines both strength and flexibility. This can help to prevent injury, strains and increase range of motion, which in turn can help with everyday life and other sporting activities.
  2. Increase Core Strength. It’s common for men to desire a “six pack” a la Hugh Jackman. However merely focusing on sit ups and crunch type exercises is unlikely to achieve this. Nutrition and physical activity are important for weight loss, but Pilates focuses on overall core strength. This goes beyond the 6 pack, Rectus Abdominus muscles. Pilates works on your deeper core muscles including your Transverse Abdominus and Pelvic floor muscles.
  3. Develop Stabilizing Muscles. Often gyms direct men to focus on their large muscle groups and neglect their smaller ones which can help stabilize joints. Imbalances in muscle strength and recruitment can lead to injury and pain.
  4. Stress Relief. All exercise releases endorphins, pleasure giving hormones which reduce stress. Pilates also focuses on moving with your breath in a similar way to Yoga giving an added stress reducing benefit.
  5. Reduce Pain. Pilates is an excellent form of physical rehabilitation pre and post surgery or injury. Many Physiotherapists will insist on clients improving their movement patterns with Pilates.
  6. Better Sex. Pilates teaches men to control and strengthen their core and Pelvic Floor. This can lead to more long lasting and satisfying sex. Another great stress reliever!
  7. Better Posture. Pilates is all about moving well and with ease, this includes good posture. Good Posture can make you appear taller and more confident.

Pilates is hard!

Make 2018 the year you give it a try!


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