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Book one of our class packages and save! Our class packages allow you to combo any classes you like, from Circuits, Stretch & Release, Beginner/Advanced/Intermediate/Kids/Express HIIT Pilates, Mums and Bubs, Pre-natal, and Barre.

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Connect Therapy

ConnectTherapy™ is the assessment and treatment model used by BPS Tensegrity Physiotherapists. ConnectTherapy™ uses a whole body approach to find the true cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms. To do this we use “hands-on” manual therapy combined with functional exercises to retrain your movement patterns. The best part about ConnectTherapy™ is that when you fix the cause, not only do you get a better result than just covering up symptoms, but you prevent recurrence. Would you like to see the back of that niggling injury, once and for all?

If you would like more information on Connect Therapy and how this separates us from any other physio, please visit:

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