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Book one of our class packages and save! Our class packages allow you to combo any classes you like, from Circuits, Stretch & Release, Beginner/Advanced/Intermediate/Kids/Express HIIT Pilates, Mums and Bubs, Pre-natal, and Barre.

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Free Pass when you Bring A Friend to Class

At BPS we know that when you bring a friend to class it's not only your friend that benefits, you do to!

Research shows that training with friends is not only more fun, but it also;

  • increases your serotonin levels when compared with those who are training alone 
  • makes you more committed and therefore more likely to reach your goals
  • improves your capacity for learning and retaining new information (which when it comes to Pilates is super helpful!)

So - to help you stay committed and reach your goals, every time you bring a new friend to class BPS will give you YOUR class on us.