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Book one of our class packages and save! Our class packages allow you to combo any classes you like, from Circuits, Stretch & Release, Beginner/Advanced/Intermediate/Kids/Express HIIT Pilates, Mums and Bubs, Pre-natal, and Barre.

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Sports Performance

Sports Performance


Results come more quickly when your coach knows the road ahead!

At BPS we know that sports physiotherapy is not the same as regular physiotherapy. We are lucky enough to have a huge variety of sports Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors who not only specialise in the musculoskeletal and technique aspects of various sports, but actively participate in them!

Working with a sports Physiotherapist who has expert knowledge in your chosen sport vastly improves your results and chances of success. With a BPS sports physiotherapist therapist by your side, anything is possible! Have a browse below to see what sports we specialise in!