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Monday, 22 October 2018 12:33

Getting Beach Body Ready

As the weather warms up many of us are starting to think about ways in which we can better look after ourselves for the summer months! Not all of this is about vanity – there is some science behind the hibernation like patterns of winter and the increased activity levels of the summer months. Our bodies have natural patterns and rhythms and one of them is the increase in metabolic rates for the warmer months. 

So, before you pull out last season’s bikini and stand in front of the mirror judging yourself, be a little kind, thank your body for the wonderful work it did in keeping you warm over winter and make a (fun) plan for gently easing yourself back to your summer self. 

This really can be kept quite simple! It involves energy input – energy output – and a little understanding about the body’s requirements and how they change as the weather warms up. To spell it out …

Energy Input = put in less energy than your expending. This can be done in one of two ways, consume less or move more!

Energy Output = use more energy than your consuming. The options here are endless, pick something you enjoy, after all this is a reward to yourself not a punishment!

Body’s Changing Requirements = As the months warm up there are a few things to consider;

  • Increase your fluid intake (non-caffeinated) 
  • Choose lighter options, full of more fluids, fresh fruit and veg are great
  • Decrease your meats, especially red meats 
  • Watch out for the silly seasons sneaks Alcohol – Party Food – Desserts 

It’s really that simple! Energy in + Energy out + Body requirements!

To reflect the change in season we have updated our class timetable with more fast paced classes such as Barre and Circuit to give you that extra boost and have you jumping into your bikini body summer ready!


Ashbury, Alexandria and Caringbah TIMETABLE HERE

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Many people ask me “how do I get a lean, toned, summer ready body?” and while some of it is body type and genetics, a large portion of it is plastic … meaning it’s up to you and the types of movements and foods you eat!

Pilates was originally developed to rehabilitate injured dancer’s in NYC. Joseph Pilates realised that many dance injuries occurred when the dancer’s bodies weren’t strong enough to control both concentric and eccentric movements… um, in lay person terms please? … their bodies weren’t strong enough to control the lengthening phases of many of their movements. This lengthening phase known as ‘eccentric’ muscle work is one of Pilates best kept secrets!

All too often we hear people saying “I don’t want to do resistance training at the gym because I don’t want to look like a body builder I want to look like a dancer!” and while this is a slight exaggeration (you won’t look like a body builder doing the right resistance training) there is no mistaking a Pilates body is supple, lean, toned and lethal ;) and it’s all thanks to its use of eccentric control.

So, what is this ‘eccentric control’ all about and how can it help me create my ultimate summer body? To build muscle you first need to apply some stress to it, but it’s the type of stress you apply that effects how the muscle is built. Big loads, small ranges and little reps create big robust muscles. Whereas in Pilates the load is reduced (but the burn is still there!) the range is increased and the muscles are required to work both in a lengthening and a shortening phase. The result … muscles that are long lean and strong as heck!

Now you know our secret – Pilates will get you there this Summer and if that’s not enough we have a red hot offer for our new clients 2 weeks of unlimited classes for just $29 (which if your with a health fund you can claim 100% of it back!) SO … what are you waiting for? Make this summer your year and get your best body yet!

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